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I need to quit drawing these things on lined paper…
I’m finding that I like drawing in this cartoony style more and more. It’s a nice break from all the serious semi-realism that I usually do.

So canon Max things (since peeps have asked):

-He’s a writer.
-Full name is “Maximillion Day” according to his creator.
-Has a pet mouse named “Yogurt” that’s missing part of its ear. (Chad is terrified of that thing)
-Comes from a rich family, so he can’t really have any true/close friends because of the money he has. He also has to frequently bail Chad out of jail…
-Listens to swing music.
-Wears contacts, but wears glasses occassionally.

Max belongs to a-little-scared-kid.

ReplacED project update: comic part 9 is almost finished. I still need to start writing the written portion.

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