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Official “Wrecker” Song List (I do not own!)


Orginal Post

I just wanted to make song list with links to songs already in the post.

I do NOT own Chad the Wrecker nor this list. Credits for them fully belongs of amaizing artist chibiceramir

"Wrecker" Title Songs:

White Rabbit by Egypt Central

Derailment by Adelita’s Way

Succubus by Five Finger Death Punch

Insomnia by Craig David

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Let’s all thank lunar warrior for their effort~We appreciate it!

ohmypartyposion asked:

I saw your post about the block on the ReplacED comic, & here's what I think is going on: Eddward's comma put him at limbo, like he's not dead nor alive. He's stuck somewhere in between & that must have sent him in a parallel world where he is currently residing. And a dark force might be behind it (can't explain why exactly) but yeah. Maybe he's there for a reason, or simply an inconvenience. It might sound stupid, but that's what I think is going on… I love your work btw!

Oooh~~ This is the closest guess I’ve seen so far.

Yes, something along those lines is going on. There’s definitely a lot of world switching going on and no clarity as to which one is perceived as reality. Both “places” have their own forms of distortion while each claim to be the actual one.

If I were honest, my writing quality has definitely changed since I first started this project. So there may definitely be a different structure once I pick this back up again. (If I were even more honest with myself, I honestly had no idea what I was doing with this when I began XD) But I plan to do a definite conclusion to this story even though I’m being absolutely slow with it. With that in mind, I thank you and all my supporters for, well—-the support! XD

I hope you all enjoy what comes next~

Because I’m sure folks are wondering…

…and partly because I feel a bit guilty; no, I have not forgotten about ReplacED. But I’ve hit a slight writers block with it.

So lets do something fun~ (and maybe it will help “unstuck” me with the writing part)

My message box is open. Let me know what you think is going to happen next or what direction you’re expecting it to go. You can ask questions too. I may or may not hint at what I have in mind. XD

Thank you for your continued support everyone~~~

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