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ReplacED Update: Gonna run it differently…

Hey guys, remember that one comic/kevedd story that I keep jumping in and out of?

Well first of all, before I really scare everyone, I’m not quitting the project. But I can’t just leave it sitting either and working on two comics at the same time is really…really running me down (…and Wrecker is a much much bigger project that needs attention.).

But I know I’ve invested a lot of time and thought into ReplacED and you all want to see it progress, right? I know we all want to see how it ends for sure.

So what I will do:

I’m going to continue with the written portion and provide a supplement illustration rather than a full on comic part and post those together. Those will also go into the ReplacED blog as well with the other comic panels. This way the story will be updated and done a lot faster than it has been going.

So we good?

Best wishes to all of you~~Till next time! <3<3<3

Small update

Seems as though the Wrecker fans are screaming the loudest. Though it does not mean ReplacED is going to be shoved off and forgotten. I’ll still update that a few days after Wrecker because…well, because I’m nice and love all of you don’t want to leave any fans hanging. *bashful fidget

Another thing to look forward to!

There is a Pirate/Mermaid!AU side project that both freefallinit and I are working on.

I blame them for coming up with the idea and sucking me into it as well (because it’s so fantastic…*wiggly fingers and watery eyes). Free has her Reverse!ChadMax and my ChadMax fic portions that we’re both slowly plotting since we both have finals in the way…and Wrecker needs to be updated a little more before we can post these. There will also be some character illustration to go with these partner fics because I fell for the idea that hard. Those may or may not show up in stream…I’m not too sure yet but we’ll see. I still have a lot of research to do so the pirate outfits and weapons are accurate. Ah, well, when I’m on my break I can see how things pan out.

Until next time everyone! <3<3<3

xxcookiexx101 asked:

Chibi, lately every time I see you online, you seem quite unhappy. Or something along those lines, you just don't seem like the same chibi I used to watch do LS all the time. Is something wrong?

I’ve been spiraling in and out of some very severe bouts of depression since the middle of February. I just can’t seem to get my head together and it’s been affecting a lot of things around me. I’m trying my best to not let it affect those close to me whether it is on the internet or off the internet.

I apologize if I seem totally inactive or impersonal despite being off hiatus. Hopefully things will get better soon.

Thank you guys for being patient with me~<3<3<3

I really appreciate it.

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